Logo design

Logo design voor Frutsels


A cute and colorful logo design for ‘Frutsels’. They make cute and beautiful knitting designs.

Logo + brand design RJ Knobbe Montagewerken

Logo and brand design for assembly business RJ Knobbe. Simple, clear and effective.


Logo design for bridal & clothing workshop Kleding & Stuk

For bridal and clothing workshop Kleding&Stuk I was asked to make a logo design that fitted the company and it’s services. Kleding&Stuk is a young and modern company that offers tailor-made clothing, coupeuse services and sewing lessons. The logo had to express all these elements so together with the customer I came up with a modern, yet classy logo. It’s black elements and negative space make it work well on a white backdrop.

For the giftcard we decided to use a supportive color, pink! This gave the giftcard a cute appearance without bringing down the original brand identity.


Logo design made for local sausage brand ‘Wiedenworst’ from Belt-Schutsloot.

Wiedenworst is a homemade local brand of sausage which had to express a classic feeling. That’s why I went with a dark tan color instead of black and used supportive lighter hues to create the silhouette and the background. The logo expresses a feeling of the brand being around decades while the product itself is brand-new.