Terms of Service

Send inquiries only to dragonflycreations90@gmail.com

Commission process

  1. Before payment, I will send a minimum of 2 loose sketches to pick from*. I reserve the right to reuse unpicked poses/ideas for other commissions or personal work.
  2. After the customer approves one of the loose sketches, I will send you the invoice to make the full payment. Payment plans can be discussed but no less than 50% up front.
  3. When the full sketch is done I will send it again to the customer for approval. You may make up to 2 free tweaks in this stage.
  4. After confirmation of the sketch I will finish the commission fully. Depending on the complexity of the commissions there may be more contact in between in this process.
  5. After final confirmation of the finished piece I will send you the .psd and high quality files of the commissioned art.

*This process will be skipped with sketch commissions.


  1. I reserve the right to at all times deny a commission request if I do not feel comfortable with the subject.
  2. Customers will be removed from the queue after no response for 10 days. 
  3. I reserve the right to cancel your commission at any time during the process for the following reasons; no client response for a month; rude or disrespectful behavior towards me; any other viable reason for not respecting the artist. Full refunds will be made only if there was no work yet put into your commission.
  4. The client has the right the cancel the commission for any reason at any stage. Full refunds will be made only if there was no work yet put into your commission.
  5. You can ask for status updates through email.
  6. Do not contact me through Tumblr, Instagram, Deviantart PM, contact through email only.
  7. You may upload your commissioned artwork to your own blog, website, etc; as long as you provide credit + a link to me as the artist.
  8. I will not draw copyrighted characters that belong to studios such as Disney, Dreamworks, etc.
  9. Backgrounds are free to my artistic interpretation, but you may provide references and general ‘look & feel’.
  10. I have the right to upload all art created by me to my personal website, gallery, etc.

What I will and will not draw


Most other animals
Creatures / original species
Detailed backgrounds
Detailed armor


NSFW / sexual content
Fetish art
Hate art or political themes
Trademarked / copyrighted characters including my own. (unless you’ve gotten permission from the owner to use their character in a commission). 

Commission form

Paypal address (so I can invoice you):
Commission type (fex. shaded bust or painted fullbody):
Link to references:
Other information:


Send me an aesthetic board of the look & feel for your commission.
Provide multiple references and personality descriptions of your characters.

Contact information

For inquiries email to: dragonflycreations90@gmail.com
for questions you can email me or PM me on Instagram, DeviantArt or Tumblr.

This TOS was last revised on 6-2-2018